Telect Simplifies Data Center Rack Cooling
Color Temperature Cold Aisle Hot Aisle
Black Below 15°C   Risk of Condensation   Risk of Condensation
Dark Green 15°C – 21°C   Cooling Energy Inefficient   Cooling Energy Inefficient
Green 21°C – 25°C   Ideal   Cooling Energy Inefficient
Light Green 25°C – 30°C   Server Energy Inefficient   Cooling Energy Inefficient
Yellow 30°C – 35°C   Server Performance Inefficient   Ideal
White Above 35°C   Server Throttling   Uncomfortable Conditions
Be cool and efficient with Telect's new C°Flow* energy management strip. The C°Flow™ strip is an intuitive money-saving solution for managing data center rack temperatures and increasing cooling efficiencies.

"The C°Flow™ strip is a simple solution to the complex problem of data center cooling," says Paul Knight, Vice President of Product Development. "We developed the plastic with data center best practices in mind. Not only can inlet temperatures of racks be seen, but temperatures across a rack can be increased by knowing where the cold air is going. Ultimately, increasing hot aisle temperatures results in increased cooling efficiencies and great equipment capacities."

A quick look at a rack, lineup, or building empowers people to become active problem-solvers. Utilizing the strip's inherent and bold color-shifting properties, a technician can easily assess data center temperatures and be assured that all is cool.

Stephen Baker, Telect's Communications and Brand Manager, adds, "The C°Flow™ strip is indicative of Telect's mission to simplify networks. The strip is simple to install and simple to use."

C°Flow™ strips are now available, as an accessory to Telect's successful earthquake-safe data center racks. Telect plans to leverage its patent pending plastic for other versions later this year.
Primary Benefits
  • Color-Shifting Temperature Gauge
  • Simple to Install
  • Simple to Use
  • Inexpensive
  • Innovative
  • Empowering
  • Immediate ROI
  • Quick Alert for Cooling Issues

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